A New and Accurate Description of all the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales

by Daniel Paterson

published in 1786

Daniel Paterson (1739–1825) was a British army officer and cartographer, known for his books of road maps. This very comprehensive publication was first published in 1771 and went through numerous reprints and updates due to demand and popularity. The book’s title page states that the information enclosed is ‘on a Plan far preferable to any work of the Kind Extant’. In addition, the book includes a Travelling Dictionary which details distances and inspections of roads in clear, concise tables.

This would have been an invaluable asset for many people in the 18th Century, including merchants and anyone that travelled; as such, it is in a very poor condition, with many stains and tears to the pages. Through Adoption we would hope that all the marginalia and additions from its many years of use can be preserved as they give an exclusive insight into the way of life for people at this time.

Funding required for restoration: £270.00

  • Repair paper.
  • Re-sew text block.
  • Original covers extremely worn, so a new case will be made with the original endpapers.

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