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Read eMagazines online or offline, or on mobile devices through the free RBdigital app.


  • Receive email notification when new issues of your selected eMagazines are available.
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  • No limits to the number of magazines you can download and once downloaded they are yours to keep.
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You can register on your mobile device.  Tap the “Register now” link on the app’s main page to create your account in just a few easy steps:


1. Choose your country

2. Choose ‘Devon Libraries’

3. Enter the requested library card details, create a memorable username and password

Once registered, you will be automatically logged in and can enjoy our content. For more details on mobile registration, watch our  video guide or view our  user guide.

If you don’t have a library card or don’t know your PIN, please visit one of our libraries.


For further advice and guidance, please see the RBdigital eMagazines help page or contact