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Join a Friends Group

Friends Groups work closely with Libraries Unlimited, the charity that runs Devon Libraries, to ensure communities benefit from high quality library services.  

Anyone that is a member of Devon Libraries can sign up to a local Friends Group and take part in activities to:

  • Support and promote their local library and the services it offers
  • Raise money and hold events for people of all ages
  • Enhance their local library by providing practical and financial assistance
  • Ensure the library meets the needs of its users by engaging with the local community 

If you are interested in joining a local Friends’ Group or would like to discuss the possibility of starting one locally, please visit your local library and talk to the Library Supervisor. Please read the Guidance for Setting up a Friends Group information here.

Membership of Libraries Unlimited

Libraries Unlimited is an independent staff and community owned social enterprise and charity, established in April 2016 with the support of Devon County Council.

Membership of Libraries Unlimited gives Friends Groups an opportunity to influence how their local library and the organisation is run. All Friends Groups are entitled to be members of Libraries Unlimited.  As members, they may nominate one of their members to stand for election as a Community Trustee on the Libraries Unlimited Board.  They also have one vote in the election of a Community Trustee and may send a representative, with voting rights, to General Meetings.

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