The Philosophical Principles of the Science of Brewing: containing theoretic hints on an improved practice of brewing malt liquors

by John Richardson

published in 1798


John Richardson was a pioneer in bringing scientific measurement to brewing; he published two major books, Theoretic Hints on an Improved Practice of Brewing Malt-Liquors in 1777, and Statical Estimates of the Materials for Brewing in 1784. These were subsequently bound together into one volume with consecutive pagination in 1788 as The Philosophical Principles of the Science of Brewing, now a lovely addition to Exeter Library’s Archive.

A beautiful book, this volume contains detailed illustrations and diagrams of various brewing apparatus; however these pages have become torn along the creases in years gone by. Adoption will ensure these are saved and kept intact for many years to come.

Funding required for restoration: £180.00

  • Repair spinal leather, however it is a very tight back style and very fragile so will be done in sections. As much as possible of the original will be saved.
  • Repair board sides where needed, the leather is missing in places.
  • Make a new case with the original boards.

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